24 February 2022

Like so many other people, I have never thought it possible - war in Ukraine, started by Russia. A real war. Bombs, shootings, looting, refugees, destruction and chaos. 


I do not care about geopolitics and I do not want to know why and how this was made possible - I think, "geopolitics" is a nice little word to shift responsibility from very real concrete people and damp it on very abstract "nations and states".


No one is responsible because all are responsible - that´s very practical indeed.


I am responsible for what I think, what I say and what I do. No one else.


I am not responsible for being born in the Soviet Union into the family of a Russian mother and a half-Ukranian father, with many other close and far relatives still living in Donbass, Ukraine.


I am not responsible for electing Putin as President. I have never ever voted for him, moreover, I had left Russia before he came to power. Yes, I am responsible for my decision to leave Russia and maybe I am responsible for not being vocal  enough to convince people around me that he was and is a criminal, and by God, I have tried. 


I am responsible now for being loud about war. I am responsible for my decision to help Ukrainian refugees as much and as often as I possibly can.


I am responsible for my views and my views are pretty simple right now: nothing justifies war. No human idea is more valuable than a human life. No one has the right to end a life of any other human being, especially when it´s done consciously, purposefully, in cold blood.


I am responsible for making the art you will see here if you want to scroll or click. 


I am responsible for taking a stand. Or not taking a stand. 


I am not responsible for wars started by the insane Russian President Putin and his cliques - be it wars in Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine or elsewhere. 


Some people say artists are not supposed to understand anything, they have no brains, just emotions. That may be so, who am I to argue. 


I am responsible for my emotions, then.


Below you will find some emotions I have been going through since the war started.