About me

 I was born in 1969 in Tomsk, Russia and moved to Germany in 2001. I have lived and worked in Germany ever since. I am a self-taught artist, exhibit regularly but on a small scale, mostly on the regional and inter-regional level. However, many of my artworks have found new homes in other countries.

I am a member of an international network of artists "El Drac".


Geboren in 1969 in Russland, seit 2001 wohnt und arbeitet in Deutschland, wohnt in der Nähe von Köln, Autodidaktin, zahlreiche Ausstellungen in Deutschland und Spanien, Werke in private Sammlungen in Deutschland, Russland, Ukraine, Israel, USA, Großbritannien, Norwegen.

Mitglied der internationaler Künstlernetzwerk El Drac.


Some of my works can be used as designs at Redbubble, please see below.